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The only API Management solution that is fully customizable and extensible

Server Side Scripting

  • Call custom assemblies and DLLs using are server side scripting

The only product on the market that provides the ability to call server side user developed DLL's and Assemblies written in C#, C++, VB and other popular server side languages..

This extremely powerful feature allows you to customize and control method execution, connector execution, authentication, authorization, parameter constraint validations and more, 


  • All Connectors are included at no additional charge

  • Create your own connectors

API Manager comes with many popular data connectors but you can also create your own.

Unlike other products that lock you in and charge you for each data connector, all API Manager data connectors are included.  In addition you can write your own in a few hours using server side languages such as C++, C#,  VB and others. 


  • Cluster multiple servers together to support load balancing and high availability

Clustering, allowing you to have multiple servers running the same site.  Making changes to one site can be automatically deployed to all nodes in the cluster running the same site.  Features such as site limiting are cluster aware making clustering easy to manager and control.


  • Rapid API Development

  • Develop API Methods with NO Coding, LOW Coding, or FULL Coding

API Manager allows you to develop API methods with no coding, a small amount of coding or full coding.  You decide.

Each Method can be setup to call connectors with no coding, some coding using our server side scripting or full coding by calling custom build DLL's or assemblies.


  • Support for a variety of security models

  • Create your own security adapter for custom security models

API Manager supports popular security models including OAuth1, OAuth2, Active Directory and Site Minder.

You can also create your own custom authorization,  authentications using API Managers ability to connect to external DLLs and assemblies.

Large Team Support

  • Control developers access to each end point

  • Enable object locking to control concurrent developer access

When enabling large team support in API Manager site security changes and the control of end points can only be made by the site manager. Developers are limited to modifying only the method and endpoints that the site manager has permitted.

Object Locking prevents developers from accidentally modifying the same objects at the same time.


  • Create a REST API in seconds from you WSDL file

API Manager providers a soap converter that will create a REST api in seconds from your SOAP WSDL file.

This converter can either simply create the REST API end points or it can setup the new REST API as a proxy that simply calls your existing SOAP API.

API Documentation

  • Automatically create API documentation that can be shared with API Users.

Create rich text documentation for each end point and end point parameters.  Share this documentation with users of your APIs.


  • Roll based authorization

  • Custom Authorization

Use our built in roll based authorization allowing you to control which end points and methods can be accessed by which users or create your own authorization by telling API Manager to call your custom DLL or assembly.


  • Control all APIs and Servers from a single Admin Console

  • Use our Admin API to automate most administrative functions

Our administrative console allows administrators, site managers, and developers to manage all aspects of site and server management.  Copy a site and deploy it to a server in seconds.  Automate administrative functions using our built in REST admin API. 

Server Limiting

  • Prevent server overload by limiting the number of concurrent requests

  • Control overload behavior by queuing or terminating excess requests

All servers have their limits as to how many concurrent requests can be handled.  API Manager allows you to control this a protect your server from exceeding its capacity.

Set the number of concurrent requests and whether excess requests are queued or dropped.

API Call Limiting

  • Set Call Limits by user, by end point, by site

API Manager allows you to limit the number of API calls per hour, day, month, and year. 

Calls limits can be by site, user, or method.

IP Filtering

  • Restrict site or endpoints using IP Filtering

  • Use IP Filtering as authentication

IP Filtering can be used to restrict the site or end points to only certain IP addresses.  

In addition IP Filtering can be used as a authentication method to identify certain users.

IP Quarantine

  • Automatically Quarantine IP Addresses after repeated invalid access requests

API Manager can automatically quarantine repeated invalid access requests.  Control the quarantine duration and thresholds on a per site bases.


  • Enable access and usage logging at the site, user or end point level

Control authentication logging as well as API usage logging at a variety of levels including site, end point, and user.

Know who called which API methods when, with what URL parameters, and how long did it take.

Version Control

  • Single Click Versioning

Copy complete site meta data to the file system with a single click enabling easy version control


  • Enable change audit trail showing which developer changed which method, when and how.

When enabled this feature keeps a complete audit trail of each change to the Site meta data making it possible to know who changed what and when.


  • Built-in reporting show end point, and user usage by time

Our built-in reporting provides an overview of important usage metrics.

In addition the usage data can be exported either via the UI or our Admin API so that 3rd party BI tools can also be used.


  • Receive automated alerts when activity exceeds preset thresholds

Alerting allows administrators to set activity thresholds which when exceeded will cause alert emails to be sent.


  • Automatically call end points based on pre-defined schedules

Scheduling makes is possible to automatically call certain end points on a re-occurring bases.  

Example: Pull data from Salesforce each night into a database.

Custom Objects

  • Define custom objects used as Json input or output to methods.

Define complex custom objects and use them throughout the site.  These custom objects can be used as Json input and/or output of various method calls.


  • Easily test end points using as different site users with a single click

Impersonation allows developers to accurately and quickly test end points using different site users.

Security Audit Report

  • Quickly run a security audit report showing potential security issues for the Site.

Our security audit report helps you identify potential security issues for the site.

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