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Enterprise API Management

API Manager is a complete enterprise class bullet proof highly secure Restful API Server and Management Suite. Just add end points and methods and you are ready to go.

Develop and Maintain your site in a FRACTION OF the time

API Manager provides all of the complex security, authentication, authorization, clustering, scalability, high availability, site user management, logging, and deployment and configuration services you need.  You can focus on adding your methods.

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Develop and Manage API's like never before

Quickly and Easily Add API Methods

  • Add API end points and methods

  • Define URL, header, and URI parameters 

  • Connect to data connectors or create a custom method that calls your own web service or dll.

  • Map data to custom Json structures returned by your methods

  • Control End User access by defining method security


Monitor API Usage

  • Full Security Model - Control both end user and developer access to end points and methods

  • Audibility - Complete end user usage tracking as well as complete change log by developer.

API Manager Server Features

General Features

  • Site level and method level authentication

  • Clustering and High Availability

  • User call limiting

  • Concurrent request limiting and control

  • Automatic IP Quarantining

  • IP filtering

  • Various levels of usage and access logging


  • OAuth1

  • OAuth2

  • Windows

  • Site Minder

  • Anonymous

  • Custom

Data Connectors

  • SQL Server

  • Oracle

  • PostgresSQL

  • MySQL

  • SQLite

  • ODBC


  • OAuth1

    • Tweeter​

  • OAuth2

    • Linked In​

    • Facebook

    • Google

    • Salesforce

  • File System​

  • Web Services

  • Custom - Build your own

  • Others​​

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